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    Hot Tapping and Plugging

    First Call provides Hot Tapping and Plugging Services and we serve the Oil and Gas Pipeline Markets, Industrial Markets, and Tank Operators. Regardless of pressures or products in the pipelines or tanks, First Call can assist with your tapping and plugging needs.

    Pipe Freezing

    Our Pipe Freezing services help our customers make repairs or modifications to their pipelines without long term service interruptions. Freeze services also permit pipeline operators to perform hydro-tests with lower volumes of water saving discharge/filtration costs. 

    Customer Training / Operator Qualification

    First Call provides training for the safe operation of your tapping and plugging equipment. We also provide Operator Qualification Cover Task and Abnormal Operating Conditions training and certification. First Call Enterprises provides consulting services to help you develop your Operator’s Written Plan.

    We provide DOT/PHMSA and OSHA compliant Veriforce training.

    Equipment Maintenance

    We provide service personnel and parts for Hot Tap and Line Stop Equipment Maintenance, Repair, and Equipment Modifications.  We can perform these services in our Tulsa, Oklahoma shop or customer locations depending on equipment size/weight and local facilities (cranes, etc.). 



    First Call Enterprises is dedicated to providing the

    Highest Quality Consulting and Field Services to

    the Oil and Gas, Water, and Industrial Markets.


    Our expertise includes pipeline and tank Tapping,

    Plugging, Pigging, Freeze services, Consulting &

    Project Management, Technical Training, Intervention Equipment Rentals, Equipment Maintenance, and Operator Qualification Training for Hot Tapping and Line Stopping.


    We bring 100 + years of industry experience, we bring the best in service and solutions to every project. First Call Enterprises has an excellent Safety record of Zero Accidents/Incidents in our entire Company History.



    Corrosion Control Services

    Engineering Services

    Pipeline Pigging and Cleaning Services

    Pipeline Hydro-Testing Services

    Pipe Freezing Services

    Repairs and Modifications without long term service interruptions and lower water volume and discharge costs. 

    Hot tapping and Plugging

    Customer Training / Operator Qualification

    Equipment Maintenance Services

    Fire Protection Systems



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